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Who we are?

Our history

Since 2014, and in the EASA environment, we are a team of people in charge and deeply involved in the Safety, Fatigue and Compliance Management System of several organisations, from small airlines with one or two aircraft to others with an amount of 50 aircraft. We have also being involved in the design and management of change of several specific projects inside airlines, like new AOC establishment, EFB implementation, training outsource design, etc ...

DemoAviation has two important technological partners to carry out innovative designs, Innoware for development ( & BiDA Lab for research (, with these two groups DemoAviation can also work in Data Analytics for aviation.

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Our services


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Safety Management System

Implementation of a full "Safety Culture". Enhancing Safety

SMS is the cornerstone that sustains the entire organization. From a risk-based surveillance to the management of change, all processes facing an airline must pass the SMS filter. In our team there are people with extensive experience in SMS, having acted as Safety Managers in large and small organizations. From Demo Aviation we have the capacity to implement a complete SMS (from cultural to purely technical or technological aspects) or act as auditors as an outsourced branch iside your organization to face specific Safety related issues. With us is possible to:
- Face specific operational issues.
- Enhance Safety
- Comply with Safety Regulations
- Focus on Just Culture to enhance the human factor.

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Compliance Management System

Enhance you Quality Management System

Demo Aviation team members have acted also as Compliance Managers in several organizations. We can manage for your organization all the set of policies, processes and procedures required for the planning and execution of safe and efficient air operations. The Compliance Management System integrates the various internal processes and enables the organization to identify, measure, control and improve the effectiveness and safety of its activities. The optimization of the Quality and Compliance Monitoring management system and the control of the nonconformities for air operators is a priority, so if you want to be up to date with quality and excellence in the aviation sector you should contact us. Our main duties for compliance are:

 - The appropriate management of the Regulations.

- The management of audits and inspections.

- The management of nonconformities.

- The implementation and follow-up of performance indicators.

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Fatigue Risk Management System

Implement FTL EASA policies and a FRMS

Fatigue is widely recognized as a significant safety hazard.

Fatigue risk management systems recognize that it's everyone's responsibility to manage fatigue risk. 

An important part of any fatigue risk management system involves teaching employees and managers about fatigue as a safety hazard and how to better manage their own fatigue. 

From Demo Aviation, we can provide the organization with audits and tools to:

- Study the causes and consequences of fatigue inside the organization.

- Implement strategies to manage fatigue.

- Train all the employees and scheduling department in techniques to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

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Management of Change of specific projects for the Airline

Projects make it possible to create value in the business

The leaders of the organizations initiate projects in response to factors that act on their organizations, there are four fundamental categories:

- Comply with regulatory, legal or social requirements;

- Satisfy the requests or needs of the interested parties;

- Implement or change business or technology strategies; and

- Create, improve or repair products, processes or services.

Since an airline point of view, our professionals can manage the change and support with the last technology trends.

Several sample os specific projects to carry out could be:

- EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) implementation.

- All training outsource.

- IOSA upgrade.

- Paperless organization.

- ECCAIRS compliance reporting system.

- IT software for management

implementation (Galiot, Centrik, Coruson, Q-Pulse, etc ...)

- Safety and Compliance SPI design and implementation.

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Outsource your Management System Training

From Demo Aviation we can provide training in the following areas:
- Fatigue Risk Management
- Flight Data Monitoring
- FTL Regulation
- SMS for Managers
- SMS for Safety Personnel
- SMS for Operations Personnel
- Just Culture
- Auditors Course

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Audit for Improvement

In the audit you can isolate components that needs to be addressed

Our team can perform internal audits inside the organizations in order to isolate those components that are not working in accordance with the industry best practices. After an audit several actions can be taken, such as:
- Restructure areas
- Adquiere and modify systems
- Trainin personnel involved
- etc ...

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Data Analytics for Aviation

Strategic and predictive solutions for the industry

The last, but not the least cornerstone element in the aviation industry  is Data Analytics. From this point of view, DemoAviation has stablished also a partnership with one software company and a Research group of the Autonoma University of Madrid.

With this support, DemoAviation can face technological projects focused in data analytics, for business intelligence with the data held inside every company. This support consist in:

- Innoware. An engineering software company for development (

- BiDA Lab, a specific research group from the Autonoma University of Madrid, that are fully specialised in Data Analytics (